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Second day in Copenhagen... even better than the first one!

Here was our program :

- We got up at 11am, took a shower and then made breakfast until 1PM ;)

- Visiting Christiania => We began by visiting the National museum, where we were supposed to see some modern art... All the things we have seen there was from Prehistoric time to middle age... and we forgot to go to Christiana :P

- Visiting the "free" Tivoli Garden => it wasn't free at all, but it was a Disneyland-like park, we had so much fun there... making one attraction (where we needed to use 3 tickets/pers for only one tour and we had to rent a box for our bags for 5mins because they weren't allowed in the attraction), having diner in Wagamama (disturbing all the other clients and our kind "serveur" ^^), going secretly to an unoccupied pirate boat (which was not so unoccupied as two staff members kicked US out of it :p), seing a superb light & fountain show on a lake... and then seeing another little boat on the lake before leaving... going back to that forbidden pirate boat, to access to that even more forbidden but so magic little boat ^^…

Well, we didn't do anything of what we planned... but that day was definitly much more incredible than what we could have imagined :)

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