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Third day in Copenhagen - the day we left Copenhagen to get out of Europe

Remember that "Christiania town" we didn't had time to visit? Well we did it! 

We began our day getting out of the apartment at 2PM ^^ (It's going worse and worse, I think at the end of the week we will be getting out just in time for diner), and we visited the "Little Mermaid Tower"

(please don't look for it on a Map, you won't find it, as the only person calling that tower like that is my local guide [after 5 days in Copenhagen] Klaudia 😂)

But that's not a bad thing as I still don't remember the real name, so maybe they should have renamed it in Little mermaid tower so that it would be more easy to remember...

That tour was part of a protestant church, but we only saw it from the outside, as we had to give money to climb the tour

(... and in Copenhagen money can be transformed in food... and nooooothing is better than food! :P)

But we visited the free church 😋... and it was really nice (no christ everywhere, very different from french churches) 

Ok, If you're still asking yourself how we got out of Europe, just come in Christiania town in Copenhagen... then you're no more in Danemark, that's just like beeing in another country... another culture, other people (Hippies people!🎉) , other rules...

Here photos are forbidden (so following the hippies rules I'm a criminal? ^^ that's why you won't have a lot of that photos...) as well as hard drugs, farting and wearing bykers clothes... but... for "not-hard" drugs (marijuana canabis)... nearly everyone is smoking, or selling some as we sell marrons chauds in France 😂

No problem with the policemen, they have their own police, without any other uniform than a "politi" (the danish word for police) sweatshirt, nearly smoking canabis with you... 

and at the exit, you can even find a board where it's written "Welcome back to UE"...

So we came back to Europe, just for lunchner (let's say a mix of lunch and diner :P) with some delicious fried chicken and fries (sorry for the KFC's fans, YES it is possible to make better fried chicken!) and cakes in dessert

Then we came back to that weird country by night to see a small concert in a bar... unfortunately no photo will make you feel that intimate peacefull athmosphere in this small pub with those people so different all gathered for that moment... and that great singer "Pernille LOUISE", our unknown "star" for one night. 

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