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Fourth day in Copenhagen - Saying hi to the little mermaid

After getting out of the apartment at 2 and 3PM the last days, you wouldn't be surprised that we got out at 4PM today... 😋

But today we had a good reason, as Klaudia cooked us what I think was the BEST Omelette of all Copenhagen.

(go see the photos and be hungry! :P)

As soon as we were out, we ran (#littlefooting) to some artistic ball-buildings next to the river, just before they close...

A very beautiful piece of art with a lot of mirrors inside, reminding me of the cosmos.

Then we joined the little mermaid on her rock, and took some selfies with her, before visiting a small garden with the shape of a flower...

We finished our day with very nice Danish hosts, who invited us in their home for diner... some delicious meals, some small candles, and so much good vibes and fun... 

having so good moments with some people you've just met, that was very hearttouching, and I'm sad that I may never see them again to know them better... 

Anyway, one of them, a girl named Andrea, gave us some delicious food she'd made (so we will have things to eat for tomorrow ^^🎉), saying that she had people who helped her and shared things with her before, and that she now wishes to help people in turn...

I wish I could be as nice as her one day, and share hapiness with some people as they did it with us today.

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