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Fifth day in Copenhagen... Adventure under the rain and the wind #9°C

Today we won against destiny, we went out at 11AM! 🎉

Well, as a punishment, destiny gave us the worst weather that could be possible... 😭Raining (not always!... only in the worst moments when we were out on our bikes 😵), a lot of wind, and 9°C...

We rented some bikes, high-technology bikes, that we can book from our phone, and then unlock/lock via bluetooth!), for a fifty minutes travel (we are mad ^^ i wasn't feeling anymore my hands and feets after that travel as they were so cold... but it was a good moment to share together) to Klampenborg, a city out of Copenhagen, where we could find the "Deer forest" and the "Bakken Park".

The Bakken Attraction Parc is the oldest attraction parc IN THE WORLD. We've made one roller coaster (just one so that we could say that we have made something there :P), an old roller coaster made of wood...

I don't know what was the most frightening thing between the speed, or the age of that wooden structure... or maybe it was just the paintings of nude girls everywhere in that attraction that was supposed to be for children ^^

Then we took some churros (with chocolate hmmmm!) and went to the deer forest, a ex-hunting-space where we can find a lot of wild deers, and even be very close to them as they are used to human presence!

We finished our day visiting the tour of Christiansborg palace with a Nice view of the city and a restaurant inside, and took our last dinner in that incredible food market we already went to the previous days... 

Taking a warm tea at Bakken after 50min of bycicle under the rain and the wind...

Good cake made by our host yesterday (so nice to her) 

Roller coaster in the oldest amusement park in the world (Bakken) 

Old store in Bakken

Wet hair and deers in the background

View of Copenhagen from the Tower of Christiansborg palace... 

Restaurant inside the tower 

Used it! Hope you are proud mom :P

Food Market 😍😍😍

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