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Last day - 3 Countries in one day!

This morning we got out of the apartment at 8:45am 🎉 (not thanks to me 😂 i love to much my bed but thanks to Klaudia)

quick last breakfast and packing our luggage :)

That day it was planned that we should go to an aquarium (but why going to an aquarium as you have some too in Paris?) and a Garden (to see... hmmm flowers? 🙈)... but just the previous evening, Klaudia hopefully found much more better things to do.

As i have some of my dental students in Malmö, and we just have seen some photos of people at Malmö on instagram, she thought... why not going there tomorrow for our last day, in Sweden, and make 3 countries in one day?!

(I admit I just wanted to sleep that evening and I wasn't believing we could really do it, just saying yes why not and she will probably see that it's impossible :P... but nothing seems impossible with her... we really did it! 😂)

We got out of our apartment (and I had a hug while waiting at the bus station 🎉 :P yes that's a very important point, because I was waiting sadly all the morning to have it as we had to hurry up to leave the apartment! 😋)

Then we made a large detour of 30min 🙈 (but I didn't care as I had my magic hug so I was now in a good mood hahah)

We went to the airport, to leave our luggages in a locker, and change or money for some Swedish Koronas :)

Then we took a train which was crossing the sea on a bridge for 30min to go to Sweden... ID card checking... We were at the end of our trip, but nevertheless it was the same excitement as if we were begining a new trip! :)

We arrived in that city without knowing anything on what we could see there...

The only spot we knew we had to visit in that city, was a colorfull street just next to the sea. 

We've met some polish people (there was some everywhere in that city! :)) who showed us the things we could visit...

(Our first real visit was the toilets of a cafe 🙈 as we couldn't find some others in the street.... they were even smiling and they don't ask you to buy a cafe like in Paris!😋)

Here is the photo she found on the web about that colorfull street that "I really want to discover before leaving Malmö" she said :

Nice place no? :) of course that's what she thought and that's why we were looking for it for 2 hours,  two nice hours walking around the beach. 

... 2 hours before I take notice that it was strange that we didn't see anything like that yet and I ask to see the photo :D

"That street looks a little bit like my favorite street in Copenhagen" she said... ^^

"Looks like" she said? Well let's see again that photo... 

and the photo i took the first day in copenhagen... 😏

... in fact we were looking for a street we had already discover 5 days ago! 😂

Anyway it was a very good moment to walk arround that nice beach... 

a lovely moment... we were "nearly" crying in front of that beautiful view ;)

Then we went to a famous tower we can see from everywhere in Malmö (i took many photos but I still don't know its name or what's inside :p) and to a pizzeria, where we ate some delicious 4-cheese and hawaïenne pizzas.

After that it was time to take the train to go back to Copenhagen airport (when we arrived at the train station, the train was going in 2min... we ran and had it just in time 😇)

The customs obliged Klaudia to throw a rose honey jar because it was too big (but she'll discover that honey later in a future travel to Provins, I hope... :) and we made some shopping in the airport's shopping center. 

We succedded in having to places side by side in the plane (just next to an emergency exit, so we had more place, but couldn't keep any luggage next to us that would block the exit) where we could finally take a rest after that incredible journey :)

The conclusion of that trip? 

Passing 6 days 24h/24 with someone without any (even little!) embarrassment or discomfort... it's just incredible! :) 

Copenhagen (and Malmö) are great!!! I was going there expecting to find only some boring museums to visit with a "friend"... 

But all those moments were so fantastic, and made magic by sharing them with someone that i found to be for me much more than a friend...

Also I would like to remember all my life every little details of all that trip... because I know with no one it would have been the same. 

View from the train to Malmö

Little garden in Malmö! 

The tour Eiffel is over there! Can you find it? (view from the plane) 

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