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First day in Budapest!!

I slept nearly during all the plane-travel and we arrived at the Budapest airport at 9:30

At the airport, we met our guide Aniko, a Hungarian girl who speeks very well french and seems to know well Paris...

She booked a bus for us to make a little tour to visit Budapest, told us all the story of Hungary, and was discribing every famous buildings we were seeing. 

Some seems to have missed some moments of the visit by bus!

panoramic view of Budapest! 

(At that moment we were supposed to see the "liberty statue" of Budapest, a very famous statue, but with Tuan and a poor girl that shouldn't have followed us, we didn't followed the group and the guide and we never found that statue... 🙈)

We then went to a restaurant on a boat, with some very delicious food, and a nice view on Budapest

Cat-fish soup and then Foie gras de canard poëlé!

After that we took another boat to make a cruise on the Danube. 

Claire photobombing my champagne photo 😂

Changing some money in Hungary : I'm nearly a millionnaire! :P

(But that's less impressive when we know that's only the change for 50€ :D)

Such a high tech TV 😂

We got back to the hotel to take a small rest and then went to the restaurant in the hotel, with some hungarian traditional music, and an all you can eat dinner. 

And we got out to a bar 

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