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H-3 last moments in Paris!

23h-00h : doing my luggages

Then sleeping for two hours... 

Bip! Bip! Bip!... 1:50AM... 😵

"Rhaaaaaa!"... (2min later) "Zzzzzzz"

Bip! Bip! Bip!... 2:00AM... 😵

"Ok Ok I heard you! I'll wake up!"... (2min later) "Zzzzzz"

Bip! Bip! Bip!...  2:10AM...😵

"Ok let's swich on the light"... (2min later) "Zzzzzzzz"

Bip! Bip! Bip!...  2:20AM 😢

"Oh no I was sleeping even with the light on!... Ok why should I go out of bed?... 

Oh Klaudia's chocolate cake is waiting for me!!! Poor little cake it must feel so alone...😂

(30s later) [Out of bed running to the kitchen] 

Everyone has to find his own motivation in life... love, success, money... mine is chocolate cake 😂🙈

I think her chocolate cake #madewithlove (i hope) saved my travel hahaha 😋

(Does it looks good? Meltingly soft? Well it tastes even better!!! Sorry for you readers, but it's mine and you won't have some! hahahah [morning 2:30 diabolic laugh]) 

My dad was still (or yet?) awake! 🙈 No way... keep it secret but I think he's a vampire... I promise I'll investigate on that as soon as i'll be back to Paris 

[shopping list : buy some garlic...]

He gave me some KitKat with tea-flavour (miam) and I chose to drink with that... some tea (wow how original you are Daniel! -_-') #ornot

Then I took my Uber and my dad took a photo of the numberplate because "they know tourists going to the airport may have some cash on them"

Hmmm right... I understand... If I disappear in that uber, my parents may want to find out that driver (... to get back the cash! :P) 

3:40 : Arrival at Charles de Gaulle terminal 2F

(Sending a SMS to my parents to tell them that the money transporter has arrived in the airport ;))

... 1h20 to wait as the RDV with the others was at 5h... (I've planned a 1h margin just in case the uber would get lost) 

3:46 : Finding nothing better to do than teasing my friend, trying to make her think that I got to Orly airport instead of Charles de gaulle :P

Well... that's not funny they know me too much -_-'

4:20AM : Writing this post... 

4:46AM : Crying because you have only 47% battery left for the rest of the day ^^'


OMG how could i wrote so much things on so less things ^^'

Conclusion : I don't need to be drunk to write and say "n'importe quoi", just wake me up at 2AM and you'll see! ;)

When you have some gangster ideas passing through your mind... which are not breaking in a bank but more to break in a closed "Laduree" to eat aaaaall the macarons :P

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