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Second day in Budapest! (Second attempt) :P

Today as we were supposed to be ready at 8:30 for the breakfast we planned to get up at 8:00... and I don't know why but it didn't work... ^^

We woke up 30min late at 8:30 when Claire knocked at the door (she didn't know we were still in our bed :P)... we pretended that we were "nearly ready" and that we couldn't open the door because we were changing our clothes.

Then we took just 2min to be ready and we arrived for breakfast nearly in time without anybody knowing how lazy we were xD

Old tram! :)

Visit of the famous church St Etienne in Budapest

In front of Hungarian parliament! :)

Those metal balls are here to remind us about a sad story in 1956... when the sovietics wanted to take the power and éliminate the hungarian nationalism, they sent some papers everywhere in Budapest with the message "If you are a real Hungarian and you love Hungary, come on the place Kossuth" (= if you don't consider yourself as a sovietic but more as a hungarian) 

Thousands people came on that place, but it was a trap... some elite snipers and sovietic tanks were placed around that place and shot all the people here. 

Those lead shoes next to the Danube were here to remind people about Jewish people who were persecuted and pushed in the Danube...

In the bus... +30people... poor hungarians 

Looks like Harry potter's school Poudlard no? (I don't remember the real name ^^' but it As beautiful)

a museum in the restaurant!!! 

That's not some bread!!! but some meat :)

Going to the "thermes", some bathes (here at 39°C :P)