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Third day in Budapest! :) (sorry i'm too lazy to find an interesting title)

Seems that Emanouel Macrron is everywhere! 😂🙈

(in vampire mode here :P) 

After a small breakfast all the dentists went to a conference on hypnosis... it was very interesting to know how it works and we learned how to make auto-hypnosis :)

We had a lunch in a market... it was as expensive as in Paris, and our guide told us that restaurants in Hungary were mostly only for tourists and that local people didn't spend money in restaurants (or maybe only for birthday) as it was expensive in comparison to their salary. 

Smithmen in the market, making swords and a lot of type of objects just in front of us!!

Small cafe just in front of the Parliament 

We visited the parliament and have seen the royal crown, which was used to crown (couronner) all the kings of Hungary (photos were forbidden).

That crown wasn't the one they used for everyday (each king had a different crown and most of them were lost) but only for crowning. 

The room were the deputies voted their laws...

Going to the jewish town :)

Visiting a first synagogue

All the men had to wear a Kippa!