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First day - Discovering Hanoi

We just arrived this morning (while in France it was 1h30Am) to visit our first city... The capital Hanoi!

Everything is sooo different here... seems that modern life didn't reach them completely yet, and that's nice to see that!

Seems that we have been tricked a bit by our guide... our tour operator was planning a 4 stars hotel with a swimming pool, and we were supposed to do some "pousse-pousse" and visit some places... our guide just took us to a 3 stars hotel without swimming pool and told us "we will do all the planned visits another day, because today is not the good day... just visit by yourself and let's join at 6PM for diner!"

Enjoy the photos!

Man burning some papers and some fake money after the "Tet" (new year celebration)...

A lot of persons are doing that in the street (here on the rail of a train) to bring luck to their family

The arrival to Hanoi...

Rice fields, just outside of Hanoi

We ate a lot (it costs nearly nothing here! :D more or less 50.000 Dongs for a meal = 2€) in a chain-restaurant (for now we're trying to avoid those small restaurants in the street eating on the ground as we are afraid of stomachaches...)

We slept a bit during the afternoon, because of the jet lag, and then went to the restaurant for diner organised by our guide, with some traditional music

Watching olympic games before sleeping...

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