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11th Day : Discovering the floating market and the horror of wild-animals-market

We began today with a nice morning program : breakfast (all you can eat) at the hotel, and taking a boat in front of the hotel to visit the floating market, called "Cai Rang" which means "le marché de la dent" (called that way because of a giant crocodile which was attacking the boats was killed there and the villagers kept his teeth)

The market is pretty nice, with sellers who are living all the year on their boat, and buyers who are going from boat to boat to buy all the products they need.

(We went on a pineapple-boat-seller)

Some students going out in the morning, with their university uniform

Visiting a more ordinary ground-market

My dad trying to cook as the villagers ;) (but they through to the bin everything he did hahah)

Wow, take a look to our lunch today down there, it looks delicious doesn't it? ;)

Well IT IS!!

But pretty sure you wouldn't smile so much eating that if you knew like us what type meat it was... Frogs (yeah even born in the frog-eaters country i'm not yet used to that ^^) and... Countryside-Rats (tastes like duck, but still...)!!

Hopefully, we ate BEFORE visiting the animals-market, that you'll see later if not we would probably have thrown-up everything...

Visiting a nice natural protected area, to protect bird species living there..

And then totally the opposite... the Wild-animals-market...

Most of us were a bit shocked by what we saw there... from an european point of view, the animals condition were intolerable.

Even thought I'm usually a big fan of meat, seeing all that really makes you think about becoming a vegan :/

nice young prey birds sold, the only cool thing to see there

Killing rats by smashing them on the ground before cutting them apart with scissors... 

If I knew how that was done... I would never tasted that for lunch!!! Yucki yucki

Selling living-snakes too on that market

Poor birds attached all together by the legs... and they were still living

Hundreds of rats in the same box, living and dead ones all melted together...

Well after seeing that, I could eat nearly no meat for diner, even thought the restaurant we went to was this time really close to what we can eat in France...

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